Alternative Alarm clock
  More diverse senses; stimulation users' sense of hearing, sight, touch, smell or any other combination of senses, as an alternative of application about alarm, awakes people from sleep very gently and effectively. In general, people stay a bit longer after alarm. While people linger, the body gets started with awaking its nerves and senses from deep sleep to work.

Alternative Alarm Clock is a combination of an alarm and an electric outlet which are common things in daily life and have a simple single function. It goes off on time users set and also supplies electric power through double sockets. By putting together other products with it, this simple function does not gives opportunities to rebuild up fresh sorts of alarm to users but also allow many potential options stimulating different senses with ordinary electronic products around us.
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  “The hygienic rounded-shape-bottom heating element”

In the market, there are two typical heating elements for the kettle. One is coil-shaped type which looks complex. And the other is flat-shaped one. Both two are not easy to clean as a kitchen ware.The heating element in bowl-shaped does not allow us only easy to remove unpleasant limescale that is shortly built on the hot surfaces of heating element, all edges and corners of your kettle. But also, the rounded shape of bottom makes the water looks far more tempting visually.
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  The advantage of internet phone is the cheaper bill than others. Consequently, most of consumers expect a telephone conversation or international call for enough time with it. This is a simple idea and pragmatic study to solve the inconvenient listening that was caused by overheated speaker. In the part of audio, there is a particular form factor; a hole and space to make the heat-circulation.
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  As the humidifier is installed on the wall, the falling distance of mist becomes even longer than usual. As a result, it makes the practical contact of mist with the air and effective dispersion of mist in your space. And also, the simple figure that looks like a water pipe on the wall will produce a natural sight with a theme of falling and filling the mist from the wall to the space.
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