1.3 Collection

Producer : ZEITRAUM
Material : Solid wood in Oak, ash, American walnut
Production : CNC milling

1.3 CHAIR is the wafer-thin impression made by the fine contours of seat and back. The seat looks if it is floating on air. Chair, stool and bar stool also have the visual softness of “Pad” optic.The wood is impregnated with natural oils and waxes.


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1.3 Chair : Balsa wood furniture
  Inspired by the British wooden bomber aeroplane, the De Havilland DH 98 Mosquito, the ‘1.3 Chair’ is constructed from compressed balsa wood, lime wood and hardwood veneer to give structural stability. Weighing only 1.28 kilograms, the chair is lighter than Gio Ponti’s 1957 ‘Superleggera’ chair. Balsa wood is a fast growing, underused and sustainable source of wood. This modest, practical and beautiful everyday chair reinterprets craft techniques to find alternative industrial production methods.
The chair intends to reflect practical considerations in terms of production, use of material and everyday beauty. From the initial process, the intentions of the project were not only to make the chair lighter, but also to encourage the use of ecological materials and innovate the timber industry. The balsa tree offers a good alternative resource for this industry, based on its environmental benefits and productive capacity. This fast growing tree reaches a height of about 21m in 6 to 7 years, with a diameter of about 60cm; the growth rate then declines. ‘1.3 Chair’ is made of compressed balsa wood protected by a hardwood veneer to give it structural stability and a tough outer shell while keeping it lightweight.This chair demonstrates the great potential of balsa wood, which could bring great benefits if used in product and vehicle design, or even in architecture.
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  Delivery-outdoor-furniture, casting by styrofoam package for minimum process
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Copyright © KIHYUN KIM. All rights reserved.